Week 46, the last weeks of summer

I’m trying to finish up my summer sewing before summer is over.  I know at some point I’ll have to pivot to sewing for the fall and winter but for now I’m squeezing in some fun tops.  I picked up this fabric in Minnesota and I started the project there but wasn’t able to finish the last details until now.

In the early fitting stages I discovered I wasn’t happy with the direction the shirt was taking.  I loved constructing the pattern and I loved the way the bust area fit but the section under the bust hadn’t required interfacing and I didn’t love how flimsy it seemed in comparison to the bust area.  I added interfacing after the construction and although it isn’t tucked into the seams, it seemed to do the trick.

Other than adding interfacing to the midsection area I didn’t find any other problems with the pattern.  The pattern itself isn’t set up with views but rather is set up in a “build your own” design set up.  There are several combinations and design features that you can combine in any way to achieve your unique vision.

IMG_1731 3IMG_1637 3IMG_1649 3IMG_1671 2IMG_1676 2


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