Week 14, an easy knit project

In less than two hours I whipped together this easy dress.  I bought knit fabric to do it in blue and black.  I’ve only cut out the blue so far because it occurred to me I better see how I like it before I cut the next piece.  I’m glad I waited because I’ll make a couple of adjustments to the next one.  The sleeves are a bit tight and I might adjust the length up or down a bit.

Before I finished out the hem and the slit, I slipped on the dress to see how it was fitting.  Much to my horror, I realized the slit was more than problematic.  I’m just thankful I bothered to try it on so I didn’t have to tear out my finishing work because there is no way I could have ever worn this without serious adjustment to the kick pleat.

The slit the way the pattern called for it to be finished.
The slit after I modified it.










One of the reasons I wanted to make this dress and the one coming in black is to have some basics to mix things up with.  I have a few items in my wardrobe I can throw on with these.  Like this cute sweater wrap.

I also bought this coordinating fabric that I’m going to make into a shrug to go with this dress.

Here is the dress pattern.  This is an good beginner pattern.  I’d recommend sewing with non-stretchy fabrics before taking on the wonderful world of knits.  Once you are ready for knits, this is a good project.

McCall’s M7531 Size Medium, View D with a long sleeve

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