TBT – A Pinterest Inspired Shrug

Many of us have spent hours pinning things to our virtual bulletin boards on Pinterest, dreaming of all of the crafts and projects we are destined to pull of without incident.  I found a clothing item that I loved and thought, “I bet I could make that.”

I set off to look for a pattern and the perfect fabric.  As it turns out the pattern wasn’t the issue but the fabric was.  I’m finding that acquiring the fabric that matches the vision is my constant challenge.  Instead, I now roam the aisles of fabric stores looking for fabric that I can be inspired by rather than looking for specific pieces.

Here was my pinterest inspiration piece . . .

Photo was taken from pinterest and originally sourced from southernsophisticateboutique.com, (which seems to no longer exist).

And here is my piece . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end I settled.  I got tired of looking and felt like with my fabric store options this was as close as I was getting.

It turned out well but I still prefer the pinterest inspiration piece.  The chevron is in style, very rich looking and sophisticated.

The pattern is very easy to make and I easily finished it in an afternoon.  I’m still hopeful that I can replicate the pinterest piece, I always have my eye out for a chevron in this fabric, perhaps someday.

Here is the pattern I used . . .

I did view B, size Medium



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