Sewing Hack

So perhaps I’m late to the party and this sewing hack is already out there, but I can not believe I’ve never seen it before or thought of it before.  It involves darts and I do them in most of my projects.

When I started sewing again, after many many years of not, I purchased transfer paper and one of these wheel gizmos because it’s what I used back in the day in my mom’s sewing room.  It didn’t work as well as I remembered it and I mentioned that to my mom.  She said the paper I picked was too waxy and that was my issue.


We went fabric shopping in my area, (SLC, Utah).  We visited a store called Tissu Fine Fabrics and Design Gallery (  My mom asked the ladies there if they carried the transfer paper we were searching for and they mentioned these pens.

They disappear with heat.  I immediately ordered them from Amazon and have been using them instead of the wheel/transfer system but getting the darts transferred onto my fabric was still hard.  I was working on it the other day and it occurred to me to copy the patter and cut out the dart.  I just traced around my make shift dart and it was the easiest and most accurate transfer I’ve ever done.

I just traced around the dart with the pens on the inside of the fabric.  Sometimes the pen leaves a shadow mark after I iron it away but it doesn’t show.

This is going to be a huge time saver, increase my accuracy and make the whole process so much less aggravating.

So what do you think . . . Is this hack new to you or am I late to the party?  Happy Sewing!

Side note:  Be careful with the pens on areas where the fabric shows.  Always test a scrap.  I use the pens mostly on the inside of fabrics and they can leave light marks.

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