Week 7! Happy Thanksgiving!

So the blue outfit is not done, and the week has been beyond nuts.  So this morning, Thanksgiving morning, I whipped up this apron.  I don’t think I mentioned, I’m in college on top of having five kids and all the other stuff I do.  So this week was a mess.  My parents came to town, my college student returned home, my middle son turned eight and I had a project due for college.  But I want to keep the goal!  So I whipped up this apron.


I’m sending the apron home with my mama.  I told her to give it to her bestie, which is her cousin.  My mom has five brothers and loves her cousin Sue so much, she feels like she’s her “sister” since all she got were brothers.  I call her my mom’s bestie.


Sue whipped up thanksgiving dinner again this year back home for all of that family and frankly, she is the one I remember cooking most of my thanksgiving meals growing up so this one is for her.  I’m glad my mom has her and the more I move around, getting further from family, the more they mean to me.  I am blessed beyond measure by some amazing people that I get to call family.  So happy Thanksgiving everyone, hug someone and eat some turkey!

See you next week for week eight!


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