Transformation Tuesday: Reimagine the brown skirt

I love the idea of reimagining things.  One of my favorite bloggers spent a year buying things at thrift stores and reimagining the clothes into something else.  I love the challenge and I thought no better place to look then your own wardrobe.  I’ve had this skirt so long I don’t remember where I bought it or how much I spent on it but one thing is for sure I don’t wear anymore.  So instead of throwing it in the charity bin, I gave the reimagine a try.

So here is the before . . .

Here is the during . . .

I shortened it and took the extra and made a casing for the skirt to give the top stability.

And the after . . .

I thought this was so fun.  I can’t wait to try again.  I’ve got two projects in the works.  Reimagining this white skirt and reimagining this bridesmaid dress.  Check back to see if they end up on Transformation Tuesday or Flop Friday.

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