Week 8!

Goals are certainly hard to keep around the holidays.  Thanksgiving week really threw me off!  I think I’m finally back into the swing of things.  Other than hemming week 8 is finished.  I love how the bodice turned out but not the bottom.  I’m thinking of pulling it apart and putting a skirt on instead.

Here is the project.


View B was the style I went with and I intentionally chose this for two reasons.  1) I thought the bodice looked challenging.  2) I have a terrible time finding one piece romper style clothing.  My torso is long and I loved the challenge of making one for myself that actually fit.  I added several inches to the bottom and truthfully wished it had been a little less, lesson learned.

The bodice was complicated as expected.  Not only was it a trillion pieces it was fully lined, so essentially I made it twice.  But I LOVE how it turned out.


I love pockets on clothes and in theory they are an excellent idea, execution however was not as intended.  It’s hard to tell if it’s the pattern or my figure but the pockets just stick out and feel not cute.  The front of the pant feels too baggy but once again I’m over the moon about the bodice and it turned out so much better than I predicted.

I’m really focused on figuring out how to make pants I like on myself.  I love making dresses but it’s partially because it’s easy.  Buying pants is usually unpleasant for me so it’s not surprising that the pants making is going to be a bit more complicated.

This next week I’m throwing a vintage dress in the mix and then I’m taking on making myself a pair of pants, as in jean style pants.  I’m making the pattern out of muslin first.  I’m excited to see what I learn from this totally uncharted territory.

Forgive the writing, it’s one in the morning and I’ve been up two nights in a row with a croupy kid.  See you next week!

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