Bring on Fall – Project 5


Not too long ago I stumbled upon a fabric I LOVED but I trusted a pattern that was so wrong and ultimately the fabric was wasted and the project will eventually be featured on a Flop Friday post.  But Joann fabrics, clearly sensing my dismay and failure, had the same type of fabrics on sale for 60% off the next time I was there, so I jumped to the obvious conclusion that fate wanted me to try again.

The failure was that I didn’t make the first attempt even close to long enough.  I’m 5’9″ and have passed the flop onto my 5′ 0″ daughter.  She’s at her full grown height and it looks better on her petite frame.  Obviously sharing clothes doesn’t happen much since she’s a petite doll and I tend toward Amazon.  But I digress.  Lesson learned and a different pattern was attempted.

I’m happy with the results!  And I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a perfect first time sewer project.  It’s all straight lines and a quick project.  If you’ve been scared to sew or haven’t tried sewing clothes before, this is truly a started project.

Drum roll please . . .



The fabric is SOOOOOO soft and I’m so excited to use this all fall.  I grew up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota and Utah is my current state, which doesn’t even get near as cold so this wrap is enough for me much of the fall and on warmer winter days.  Pinterest is full of styling ideas for these types of wraps.  So if you’ve been cautious to try sewing, this is a great first project that’s hard to mess up.

I added about 6 inches to each end of the pattern and I picked view C.  It took me an afternoon to whip it out.  Hemming each side is time consuming but it’s good beginning skills.



So what do you think?  I love all the ways it can be worn.

Next week I’m whipping up this dress.  I’m attempting several skills I’ve never done before and frankly it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever attempted.  Wish me luck!




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