Poison Ivy – Week 4!


It’s done . . . and it turned out well.  But I feel like I look ridiculous.


Full disclosure . . . the pictures to come are highly Instagram filtered.  HIGHLY.  With the amazing power of a wig I’ve discovered red is NOT my color!  Nope.  It isn’t.  Instagram created amazing works of fiction with filters but since it’s Halloween and the general principle is disguise, I took creative leeway.

The only thing I made was the skirt.  I bought a pattern for a corset but decided I’m saving that challenge for a future date.  So the cape and corset are courtesy of my Amazon prime account and the skirt and head-piece are custom pieces by me.  I would not say the pattern was hard, just labor intensive.  That’s nearly 15 yards of tulle. 15.  I’m not in a hurry to make another one.  I went through sooooooo much thread! So much.

I wanted to have the ivy leaves look less like plastic and more integrated in the costume but . . . I hate glitter.  I think we all know it’s the herpes of craft supplies and so I brainstormed ideas on how I add glitter without depositing it all over creation.  Lightbulb!  Paint the leaves with nail polish, that stuff will never come off!  It worked but after leaf number 20 I seriously questioned my sanity on so many levels.  But now that it is done, I think it works!


I truly wished I would have made the cape myself.  I could have made something so much thicker, warmer, and frankly, better made but I chose to keep things simple.


Note to self:  Green lipstick and red hair do nothing for my complexion, and Instagram filters are the literally the best thing ever.

Next week check back for this project’s result, and even better the first Sew Sanity giveaway.  Details next week!


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