On the Hunt


I’ve been married for 11 years and have never had the opportunity to hang out with just my mom and my husband’s step-mom.  I live in Utah (currently), my mom is a Minnesota resident, and my husband’s step-mom calls Texas home.  So we aren’t often in the same place and then if that happens escaping my five kids is usually our other obstacle.  The stars aligned recently and I got to spend the day with them.  I commandeered the agenda and we set about hunting for fabric stores in Utah.  I was delightfully surprised by a couple and found at least two projects that I’ll reveal in the coming months.  Hopefully they don’t end up on Flop Friday, but that’s half the fun.

Much to my delight, I found a store in downtown Salt Lake that reminded me of my fav childhood fabric stores Mill End Textiles and S. R. Harris.

Both were warehouses and held a treasure trove of rems and random fabrics that inspired the imagination.  I was so delighted.  I only bought one thing but I’ll be back soon!  The store was called Design Company Fabrics.

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