Like I said last week, this fabric I picked up in the Dallas Fabric District.  It was a warehouse fabric store where everything on the table was $2 a yard.  I about died.  That’s beyond a steal!


When I bought the fabric I wasn’t planning on a particular style of dress but just knew I wanted a dress.  I bought five or six yards because I’ve started to learn that it’s about what I need for a long dress in my size.

I didn’t obey the pattern’s instruction when it came to how to cut out this dress.  I ditched the grain lines for the top because my vision was to lay it out how I wanted the fabric pattern to fall on my body.  This was a calculated risk, because grain lines and the stretch of the fabric are set on patterns for a reason, especially when cutting out a flowy dress that’s cut on the bias.  I knew this and risked it anyway.  The fabric was so affordable it made experimenting justifiable.  Every aspect of where the fabric’s pattern landed on my body was carefully thought out in the cutting process.

The dress is done, and I couldn’t be happier!


Originally I cut out sleeves for the dress as well but ditched those because I started to feel like it would be too busy.

All in all, it wasn’t super hard.  It was fun and relaxing to make and no emergency phone calls were made asking for assistance from my seamstress mother.

Oh, and it has pockets.  Is that not the best thing ever.  Pockets are a dream come true in dresses.



So what do you think?  of the pattern?  of the fabric?

Next week’s project is a clearance table find from Joann Fabrics.  It’s a super odd fabric, that clearly no one wanted since I still find it at both Joann stores near me.  It’s a two layered fabric and admittedly rather odd.  But I had a vision when I saw it and next week you’ll see if it worked out.



Written by sewsanityblog

I'm a mom to five, a wife to one and love sewing. I learned when I was a little girl but returned to it in full force in the last couple of years. The process of creating things keeps me sane. I set a lofty goal for myself, one project a week for a year. I'm four months in and it's awesome. I'm amazed at how much I've learned and improved. Set a goal to learn something new and devote weekly time to it. You will be amazed at the results.


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