Week 20, Let’s talk about sleeves

Statement sleeves are the current trend so here is my first attempt.  The Vogue Pattern VP931 and I had some great fun constructing this blouse.  I didn’t love my fabric choice, just because the fabric tends to exaggerate the seams.  Although the fabric wasn’t my fav to work with it was great practice and I really love the pattern.  I recommend the pattern and thought it was easy to follow.

Here are some construction pictures.

And here you have the final product.  I love the sleeves.  I’m planning on doing at least one other view from the pattern.

I did an invisible zipper instead of traditional because I prefer them and I added an inch to the length since I’m part amazon woman.

The sleeves were surprisingly not in my way when my little guy interrupted my photo shoot for a cuddle.  So momming is a possibility while sporting the latest fashion.  LOL!

Next week it’s the key hole dress blouses in the reveal!

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  1. These sleeves look amazing! Great job! I understand how fabric can make or break a design, but you pulled this one off beautifully! Love the cuddle shot! Please show the next one you make; would love to see it in a different material!!! 🙂

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