The Orange/Yellow/Blue Capsule WArdrobe

This is definitely my favorite type of sewing. I’ve really stumbled upon something that keeps me excited and motivated. Here was my original capsule wardrobe that I made early 2020. It was a pink/gray/black theme.

I even wore two of the pieces the other day for #memademay2021. (It’s an instragram thing.)

Doing this first capsule forced me to make some pieces I really wanted to make but due to their level of difficulty I kept putting them off: jeans, a button up shirt and a jean jacket.

I went a little overboard on this next capsule. The original concept was for 6 pieces. Two bottoms, three tops and one topper. You can clearly see it in the pink/gray/black wardrobe. There’s a bit more in the orange/yellow/navy. Here goes . . .

Tops . . .

Bottoms . . .

I chose one ready to wear item for this capsule because I already had it and thought it was wasteful to remake it. This jean jacket which I can’t remember where I bought it. The second topper is a Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s closet.

The toppers . . .

And lastly this one piece beauty . . .

I didn’t get pictures of every possible combination but pretty close, here they all are.


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