Luna Loungewear

One of the things that I was hoping to get good enough to design was a nightgown with a shelf bra. A few months ago a fellow maker posted on instagram a picture of the Luna Loungewear nightgown by Love Notions, and it was almost exactly what I wanted. I’m a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, if someone has designed and created something no need to make the exact same thing. You can purchase the pattern here. I’m not being paid for this, I just highly recommend the pattern.

I finally got around to sewing the nightgown this weekend, because I made it my sew along pattern for the month of October. It was so fast and easy that I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do it sooner! I made the first one in about an hour and I slept in it last night to test and see if it really would work for a nightgown and it was amazing! I whipped up the second one today and I have a third cut out and waiting to be assembled. It’s officially my go to pajama pattern now. I do love the Butterick pajamas I made when we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, but got obvious reasons I’m not having much opportunity to wear flannel in Texas.

I did film the assembly of the nightgown and saved it to my highlights on the monthly sew along instagram I host if you want a close up view of assembly.

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