Simplicity 1370

I found this dress for a reasonable price on the clearance rack at Target for $12. I loved the colors and thought that perhaps I could do something with it.

Originally I was going to just rinse and repeat this last refashion and add an elastic waistband.

Upon reflection I did realize that I needed to challenge myself to try something new. I opted to try Simplicity 1370. It’s a short skirt/shorts pattern but I liked the fitted nature at the top and thought that it might work well with this.

It did feel like a gamble since matching the side seams at the layers may be difficult. I decided to just go for it. My only slight issue was that I ran out of the purple/blue color and had to use a little maroon in order to complete the facing.

I cut a 16 but that was way too big and I ended up cutting it down quite a bit. Overall it was a fast and easy project because someone else did the gathering and most of the cutting out on this skirt. I haven’t done an invisible zipper in quite a while and I was delighted at how easily I got it in and how great it looked. I did see someone recommend wonder tape that washes away for zipper installation and I have to admit that it made zipper installation so much faster and professional looking.

I love the results. What do you think?

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