So many projects this week!

So this week I made three costumes, two pair of pajama pants, a vintage apron and a doll dress.

That’s a crazy amount of sewing.

The boys costumes you can read about here . . .


My mom showed up for my daughter’s graduation with these two pairs of pajamas cut out.  She had no idea the size, pattern or which grandkid she’d cut them out for.  I whipped those together and the youngest two boys got them.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage apron patterns.  I wanted a fourth of july inspired apron, but it feels very wonder woman esque.

And finally, my son designed this doll dress for his American Girl doll from scraps I had in the basement from projects over ten years old.  The red fabric was left overs from making baby blankets for my 10 year old and the gold is from bedding I made over 14 years ago.  Crazy and fun to see it made up into something different.


So all totaled I made 14 items this week.  That’s crazy to me.  Time to go clean up the giant mess of a sewing room I now have!


  1. I love the doll dress from scraps!!! I do that too for my granddaughters!!! The apron looks like it stepped right out of the 1950’s! ❤ LOVE it!!! What a fun and hectic week! Yup, time to clean that machine!!! 🙂

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