The 4th Capsule Wardrobe is coming . . .

I love making capsule wardrobes. My first one was inspired by a fellow instagram sewist. She started a challenge and taught me what it was and what it meant. The first one I did was pink, gray and black themed. Here are those makes.

  • Jeans – Ginger Jeans by Closet Core Patterns
  • Black and Pink shirts are Stasia Tees by Sew Liberated
  • Jean Jacket is by MimiG Simplicity Pattern s8845
  • Gray shorts are my favorite pants/shorts pattern by McCall’s, it was originally m7726 but has since been renamed twice, annoying but here’s that info. You can find it under pattern number m8168 and the hashtag #taylormccalls
  • Cardigan is a Simplicity pattern s8740
  • Button up shirt is a Burda pattern 6849

I actually learned a lot through this process. I found my favorite shorts/pants pattern. This t-shirt pattern became a go to pattern for me and I made my first pair of jeans. The jean jacket was too big and the cardigan just isn’t my style and although I love the button up, it’s not ideal with the other pieces. I feel like I was more successful in my second capsule at finding pairings that made more sense. The theme of the next one was orange, yellow and navy.

  • The orange, white and sage green tops are all Stasia Tees by Sew liberated
  • Both the short orange and the long yellow skirts are Simplicity patterns s1110
  • Green skirt is Simplicity pattern s2609
  • Blue button up chambray shirt is McCall’s m6613
  • Green and white striped cardigan is the Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan
  • The white and orange shorts are Pietra shorts by Closet Core Patterns
  • White culottes are McCall’s m7131
  • Yellow one piece is McCall’s m8069
  • Floral pants are McCall’s m8118

I actually never wrote up a blog post about my third capsule because I never finished it. It actually just grew out of control into a full on wardrobe and although I finished a huge number of pieces, I started back to college and sewing fell to a lesser priority in life.

Here are those pieces that are completed. It was a yellow, white and navy themed beach wardrobe that none of the swimsuits were completed for. This might have been why it derailed. I made a practice swimsuit and then ran out of swim elastic and although I liked a lot about the swimsuit, I didn’t love how they had you construct it.

  • Dress is McCall’s m8192
  • The white and navy shirts are Stasia Tees by Sew Liberated
  • Navy shorts are McCall’s m8118
  • The Striped shorts are McCall’s, it can be found in three ways: 1) m7726 2) m8168 and 3) The hashtag #taylormccalls
  • White shorts are Vogue v9008
  • Striped lounge set is Top – Simplicity s8651 and Bottoms McCalls m8118
  • Yellow lounge set is Top – self-drafted and Bottoms McCall’s m8118

Above are the finished pieces that made it onto the blog in their own individual posts and below are the pieces that never made it.

  • The two floral yellow tops are Stasia Tees – yes again.
  • The middle yellow top is Sade blouse by Named clothing and was found in the Breaking the Pattern book
  • The orange crop top is Simplicity s8609
  • Both white skirts are McCall’s m8097

The white skirts were not my favorite makes. I love the fabrics but the patterns weren’t my style. This is where the need to constantly try new patterns ends up biting me in the butt because I would have loved them and how they turned out if I would have used this pattern instead (below Simplicity s1110).

I’m finding that the greatest test of a pattern is how much you end up wearing it, how well it fits into your normal everyday life and how you feel each time you put it on. This one checks all of those boxes in every way. I always feel pretty in it, it’s comfortable and even though I like the short version I made of this pattern, the wind in Texas has tried to turn me into an exhibitionist when I wear it. Since I’m actually not interested in flashing people I have not worn it much at all since the day I nearly showed an entire Costco parking lot my underwear, awkward. And trying to push a cart and try to hold down four sides of a skirt as you hurry to your car and unload a mound of groceries into the car does not fit into my normal lifestyle, so I’ll stick with the long version.

I actually have a lot of navy fabrics in my fabric stash so this next capsule wardrobe will sort of just be the extension of the last one in a sense, it will be a white/navy theme. The swimsuits will be the suits I was intending to finish with the last wardrobe. I’m pulling a couple of previous makes from my wardrobe to incorporate into this wardrobe. One is this dress that I’ve never worn out of the house, mostly because my husband hates it and this shirt that I don’t wear because although I love the fabric, the style needs a bit of tweaking and it needs some pants to pair with it.

  • Top is Simplicity s8601
  • Dress is McCall’s m7744

I think I will change the sleeve length for the shirt and there was some gaping in the back of the dress that I may need to address. I’ll make those changes and incorporate them into this capsule.

I’ve started writing out what my plans are for the 4th wardrobe and I began my first make which is close to being done. I’ll share that soon and all the plans, which have of course already grown out of control, when will I learn?

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