Pietra Shorts by Closetcore Patterns

My capsule wardrobe is finished!!!!! I’m so excited to show you the final pieces I’ve created. First up is two pair of Pietra Shorts from Closetcore Patterns. This pattern is from a line of patterns that Closetcore released specifically for beginning sewists. They were true to their word and other than my own brain not grasping the front pockets for a minute, they were easy to assemble.

I added an inch to the white pair for length. I made the orange linen pair first and they have a modified hem in order to give me more length, I’m 5’9″ so adding length is always somewhere in my mind as I’m sewing. After finishing both pairs and having worn them for full days I think I am going to size down 1 to 2 sizes for my next pair. I highly recommend this pattern for beginner sewists and it’s a fast way to build summer wardrobes for those that are more advanced in sewing.

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