Chambray Button Up

This shirt has been on my sewing bucket list since I started sewing clothes. I’ve put it off long enough!

This is one of the reasons that I like the capsule wardrobe sewing so much, it’s forced me take on the challenges that I’ve put off for so long. The first time around that meant sewing jeans and a jean jacket. This time around it meant knocking this shirt off the to-do list.

I debated for quite awhile which pattern to use for this project. I wondered if I should use this Burda pattern again.

or if I should try something new. In the end, I went with a McCall’s unisex pattern M6613. I envisioned a “boyfriend style” or more loose fitting shirt rather than the tailored look of the Burda pattern pictured above. I chose to do View C but for some odd reason they had you cut the front pockets out on the bias. This choice made it very difficult to get the pockets to not have a “home-made” look to them and I eventually decided the pockets weren’t going to work on the shirt. So this is view C with no pockets. I would leave off the tabs for rolling up the shirt next time because I don’t love how they feel in the arms. Since the pattern was uni-sex I didn’t add any length and overall it fits great.

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