the Green Skirt

I’ve made three skirts for my current capsule wardrobe. The first two have already hit this blog and are made from the same pattern.

These simplicity skirts are exactly the same except one has an extra tier. My favorite is the longer one. The pattern is s1110. I wanted to make a similar skirt and I had another similar pattern so I decided to give that one a try. I like trying different patterns which is good and bad. It turns out I don’t like the new pattern as much but often I do stumble on something new or better. That just wasn’t the case this time around.

This green skirt is made from Simplicity pattern 2609. I did change it a bit. I added the waistband from s1110 to it because I didn’t like how the waistband was finished in s2609. The only other alteration was the length of the final tier is cut short because I didn’t have quite enough fabric.

Here are both patterns for side by side comparison.

I like the multiple tiers of the second pattern but the fit of s1110 is better or me.

It’s a very cute skirt and the fit issues are nominal at best. But if I wanted to make a multi-tiered skirt in the future I’d keep looking for other options. If I was only making the long three tiers I’d use s1110.

I’m getting so excited for this capsule to be done and to take photos of all the possible outfit combinations.

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