Week 10 – A six hour dress

Saturday morning I woke up and thought, “What should I wear to the Piano bar tonight?”  Then I got the crazy idea to make a dress for my night out, the day of my night out.


I got to work cutting it out and began sewing.  I thought a dress with a vintage flare and a little flow in the skirt was exactly what was called for when sipping cocktails at the piano bar with some girl friends.  45 minutes before I had to be out the door I finally had to concede defeat, pick another dress and throw on my make-up.  I was so close.  The zipper and hem are all that was left but I just didn’t have the time to finish.

This morning I woke up and finished the job.


It was an easy dress that went together without any issues.  I love the unique way that it ties at the middle.  It’s built in belt cinches the waste perfectly to the size you need it.

So where to wear the dress now?  The Piano bar was a blast so perhaps it’s time to go back for a date night!

See you next week for week 11!

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