Week 32, another one yard project

I’m determined to find a cute, comfortable shorts pattern that I can use over and over.  I hate shopping for shorts because the styles change and showing my entire thigh up to my crotch has never been something I’ve been keen on.  When the styles migrate back down to a more acceptable length then there isn’t an issue, but there have been years where finding shorts was infuriating.

Here is shorts pattern number three . . .

I made size 16 out of the leftover fabric from my project for my boys, so it’s a stretch denim.

The zipper is on the side this time and it goes through the waistband, both features I like. Here are the shorts on, what do you think?


And here are some closer photos . . .

Overall I’m happy with the fit.  I’d do the cuffs a little different next time but I really prefer the zipper on the side over the up the back of the butt like the second pattern I tried.  Here are the three patterns next to each other which do you prefer?

I love my floral shorts but I don’t love the linen pair I made from the same pattern, I like how the floral fabric lays.  I love the front of the blue pair but prefer the enclosure style of the gray denim pair.  I think I will try to adjust the blue pattern to absorb my preferences from the recent make.  The gray pair also doesn’t have pockets which I’m not thrilled about.

Oh!!!  I almost forgot.  I’m getting so sick of hand stitching facings in place.  With the newest gray pair I stitched in the ditch to secure the facing and it worked awesome and was really fast!  Definitely a hack I’m utilizing more often when I can.

Happy sewing, see you next week!

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