Week 33, “Lady in Red”

Back in December a group of friends and I went to a piano bar.  A friend was sporting a red top with some frill on the sleeves.  It was a super cute top, and I wasn’t the only one that noticed.  Soon the pianist announced to our table of eight women that a song had been requested for us.  As he began crooning out the tune, soon the chorus announced to us all that we were not the object of inspiration but rather, she was.  “The Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh will now forever stop me in my tracks and transport me back to that night, laughing until we cried and watching her turn the same hue as her shirt.  Such a fun night.

So when I saw this fabric I knew I must have a “lady in red” top.


This Vogue top is fun to make but needs to come with a BIG warning.  I added TWO inches to the length of this top and it’s not enough.  The pattern front only has drawings and all the drawing give the illusion that the top goes to the top of your pants.


There is simply nothing about this pattern front or description that screams halter top, but it is.  I’m wearing a black tank top in the above photo and a black knit skirt to bridge the gap that would otherwise broadcast my midsection to the world.  I loved making this shirt, I love the structure in the sportswear fabric I chose, BUT the length makes it tricky. I feel like I need to make a slip dress for this and that wasn’t part of the original vision.

It’s so pretty, and it really did sew up nicely.  I did snap a couple of photos without the tank top so that you could see wear the shirt falls normally in proportion to the top of my skirt line.

Showing my midsection isn’t a feature of my personal style and even if it was, this is A LOT of midsection AND I added two inches to the length already.

I love it with the tank under it and can’t wait to wear it on my next girls night out.  Here are a couple of photos I threw an Instagram filter on for effect.  See you next week!



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