A summer romper, week 27


Finding one piece swimsuits and romper style outfits is problematic for me off the rack.  My torso is just that much too long.  I always need about another inch.  It was fun to make this pattern and make a custom outfit that it just the length I need.

The romper trend is a cute one but one I’d really have to sit out if I couldn’t sew.  I did find one that was amazingly cute off the rack but it shrank when I washed it.  I didn’t dry it, I washed it in cold water and followed all the instructions and now it’s too short in the torso.  I was pretty devastated and I paid $160 for it at Anthropolgie.  It was adorable, before washing (Pictured below with my mom and sister)!


So I’m loving making them with my own fabric that I make sure I pre-shrink and have ready for the sewing process to ensure that the perfect fit can’t be washed away.

I love the neckline of this one and can’t get enough of sewing up unique sleeves and necklines.

Some reviews from my husband and friends weren’t very positive for this make.  The color and fabric choice weren’t their favorite but I originally bought this fabric for a different project, a pants project.  Pants projects and I are on a break.  They haven’t been successful.

So here is week 27, what do you think?

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On side note.  I added one inch of length in the torso area.  I had to recut the pockets because I failed to add it to the top of them and that was definitely a problem.  Luckily, I had just enough fabric to fix my mistake but it was a good object lessen, because I even sewed them to the shorts before fully realizing my mistake.


  1. Wanting clothes which fit my body are the reason I’ve started this journey. Your romper is cute, but it’s almost a party outfit with that fabric, in my opinion.

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