18! And it’s not a dress!

I’m really trying to branch out and get some more pieces made that aren’t dresses.  I walked by this fabric and it needed to be mine.  My first thought was it needed to be a  dress but knowing that I have tons of dresses and need more pieces to wear with jeans I took inspiration from a top made by hiedi_handmadefrenzy on instagam and made it into a casual top.

Burda 6602 View D Size 16 and my messy sewing room 😉

This was my first time using a Burda pattern and this velvety fabric was the worst fabric I’ve ever sewn on as far as ease of sewing on and slippage.  I used tons of pins and went so slow.  I had to rip out my second top stitch because going against the nape of the fabric was not a good plan and all the rest of the top stitching was done with the nape of the fabric and that worked so much better.


I’m happy with the outcome.  I didn’t love the fact that the Burda pattern didn’t have notches.  I like notches and meticulously cut them out.  I felt a little lost without them, but no issues arose from not having them.


I’m going to keep focusing on separates in the weeks to come and try to trend away from dresses.


  1. This is gorgeous! I just looked at some of your dresses, btw, and you are one fine seamstress!!! But if you are serious about separates please check out my last post. There is an amazing giveaway: fabric, patterns and a new hybrid sewing machine! I am not connected, just hoping someone who loves to sew wins!!! 🙂

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