Basic Black Dress – Week 16

I need to move on from making dresses, but I love making dresses.  Is there a 12 step program for dress making addicts?  I’m in love once again with this weeks project and how it came out.  It was not only a joy to make but the finished product has me jumping with joy.  I love it!

This halter was something I’ve never attempted before and I got more experience tailoring because I adjusted the bust seams and skirt side seams to curve to my figure.  I’m always a 14 in the patterns I’ve attempted but I’m beginning to learn that on the bottom for fitted items, I’m pushing a size sixteen through the thighs.

I recycled the lining in this bridesmaid dress and used it for the lining in the skirt.


I didn’t follow the instructions about using interfacing in the top because the fabric I chose already had structure and I lined it with the same fabric.  I assume that the interfacing would be absolutely necessary if you were using silky fabrics or challis type fabrics that lack any structure.

Here’s the midway point on sewing the dress before I added the lining and neckline.

Midway point, tailoring the seams
The first of three attempts to get the zipper right.









The entire top lining is hand sewn in except for three small sections at the neckline.  It took nearly three hours to complete the hand sewing, the Golden Globes kept me entertained as I stitch away and my ten year old delivered a poop emoji bandaid when I finally drew blood from pricking my finger.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 8330, view C, size 14.  The fabric is a black sportswear.  It’s woven but has a decent amount of stretch.  The pattern was easy to follow, no issues but I’d say this isn’t a beginner level project.


Thanks for following along on this journey.  I’m having so much fun and I love the weekly deadline to keep me on track.  Mostly, I’m impressed by how much my construction skills are improving.  See you next week!

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