13 Weeks is one quarter of the way!

My goal is one project a week for 52 weeks and I feel like I’ve reached a milestone!  One quarter of the way done!  Here’s a quick recap of the projects . . .

One, Two and Three . . .

Four, Five and Six . . .

Seven, Eight, and Nine . . .

Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen . . .

Thoughts so far . . .

I’m so excited.  I’ve had so much fun and love a couple of the pieces I’ve made.  I can’t believe how much my skills have improved and how fast I’m learning, I wish I’d done this years ago.

My favorite project so far is the black dress.  I love how it turned out and I feel fantastic in it.  I love that it’s classy, sexy and actually really modest.


Simplicity 1314 Size 14

I’m rather certain I’ll never end up wearing this floral dress and even though it caused me the most trouble I really loved how challenging the neckline was.  I had to take it apart at least four times.  It really forced me to push past that urge to quit because after a while I could see it wasn’t turning out to my taste but I feel great that I saw it through and forced myself to figure out the puzzle that was that neckline.

McCall’s M7537 Size 14

I have 34 projects sitting here in my sewing room waiting to be constructed.  I’m pretty excited to whip them up and show you which concepts turned out.  Hopefully, not too many end up on flop friday.  Here’s a quick recap of those for fun too!

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