Selfless Sewing Saturday

I hate the term selfish sewing. I used to hear it a lot on Instagram and thankfully it’s started to go away. Sewing for myself is not selfish. It’s my hobby and no one has a right to it. I do, however, like the term selfless sewing. It is selfless if I give of my time to sew something for someone else and I rarely do it, so it’s worth noting.

I few years ago I sewed myself this bathrobe.

Vintage Butterick Pattern 3655, Fabric from Joann Fabrics

My kids all loved mine and requested their own so I ended up having to make 5 more.

Red children’s robe and green children’s robe S1562, White children’s robe is vintage McCall’s 3926 and white adult robe is Vintage Butterick 3655, all fabrics were purchased at Joann Fabrics

My oldest son has grown over 12 inches since I made these so he no longer can wear his. He looked longingly at mine the other day and said, “I miss my robe.” How could I not get his new one finished? I had the fabric sitting in my stash because even though I hadn’t been in the mood to make it I did purchase the fabric when it was on sale.

It’ by far the softest robe I’ve made so far and I think this one will last him at least 10 years.

My middle kiddo also is growing out of their robe so that’s next up because between the two fabrics they take up so much space in the closet. I’ll have over 8 yards of very thick fabric sewn and out of my stash. I’ll update this post with pictures of that one once it’s finished, I’m using the same pattern and it definitely doesn’t need it’s own post.

Happy Sewing Friends!

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