Week 51, almost done!

I can hardly believe it, one more week to go and I’ve done it!  My fear of failure at the beginning of this challenge was pretty immense.  I wasn’t sure I should take on such a challenge.  I put it on a blog and instagram as my way of staying accountable to it but even that made me nervous.  I didn’t want to fail and feel embarrassed.

There really isn’t a great way to communicate how glad I am that I did this.  It has taught me so much and not just how to be a better seamstress.

I decided that this week’s project was going to be completely inspired.  I spent an hour in the sewing room looking at patterns and fabrics and this is the project I ended up with.  After forcing myself to finish projects long since forgotten I decided I’d indulge my creativity and let up on my accountability.

Simplicity 8601 View A Size 14

I spent a ton of time cutting this out.  I was trying SOOOOO hard to get the lines to match up on the fabric.  This is a relatively easy pattern but, of course, I had to make it more complicated by picking a harder fabric.  I was so focused on matching I forgot to add my typical inch to the length.  I’m a little bummed about that but I’ll just have to wear this shirt with high rise pants.

The pattern is easy to follow and all the skills required fall under beginner level in my opinion.

I’m happy with the result.  Can’t wait to wear it!


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  1. Matching plaid or stripes can be a challenge, but this must have been right up there!What a beautiful blouse! Congratulations on setting and reaching ( in just one short week!!! YAY!!!) such an admirable goal! Do you know what you have planned for next year?


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