Bohemian Top, Week 25

When I first saw this red fabric, I instantly fell in love.  I envisioned it as a bohemian style top.  This was the pattern that met that vision and thus the project was planned.

Working conditions around here are hazardous.

This pattern has SOOOOO many pleats.  Nearly every piece of this piece has at least three pleats, but I really enjoyed making this.  The details were fun and something I hadn’t tried before.  I wish I had added length to the sleeves and the body.  I’m not sure why I didn’t.  Adding length to the sleeves and body should by now be a go to move for me.  I did enjoy making this because the fabric was challenging and the pattern had extra detail that was also challenging and new to me.

It’s finished and frankly it’s not my favorite piece I’ve made, but I have two patterns on my Make 9 that also have these pleats so this was great practice.

My 2018 #make9


Here are a couple of during construction photos.

I do love the detail of the shoulders.  This view was supposed to be laced and I chose not to do that.  Also the front neckline calls for interfacing but this is a sheer fabric and that would have looked horrid so instead I added stitching around the entire neckline to secure the facing and I like the look it created.

I don’t love the fit and cut on my body and I’m not likely to make the pattern again, but that’s more about my body than the pattern.  Overall, I think I’d recommend this to a more petite figure.  Even where the line is across my back doesn’t quite fall where it should for someone my height.  If you are above 5’5″, I’d recommend making a muslin prototype for proper fit before diving into an expensive fabric.



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