Sewing Hack – Button it up!

On the way to the store this morning to buy buttons for my project, my mom and I had a phone conference on buttons and button holes.  The decade in which I last attempted button holes was the late nineties, so to say my skills are not award winning is putting it mildly.  I needed her sage advice.

We discussed marking options, but when I marked the fabric for my darts, on this project, it was next to impossible to see the marks.  The fabric moved everywhere and it didn’t take the mark.  So we pondered and then it popped in my head, freezer paper!

Back in Minnesota, I’ve got a friend that makes amazing crafts utilizing the magical powers of freezer paper.  Once I finally tried it, I was stunned.  You can iron the shiny side down on fabric and it just peels off when you are done with it!  So it makes the perfect template for button holes and button placement.

Assemble the tools : Freezer Paper, Rotary cutter, pattern piece and mat
First I did it with a scrap piece to test the theory.

Once I saw that it worked like a charm, I attempted it with my actual project of 10 button holes and buttons.

I created a template.

I ironed it on the spot and starting sewing . . .

Once I sewed the button hole, the paper peeled off easily.

And then I repeated the same process on the side with the buttons.  I taped the buttons on with scotch tape and buzzed them on with the sewing machine.

And . . . it turned out perfect!  I’m so happy with the result and every button hole and button is exactly where I wanted it!


So what do you think?  Have you seen this hack before?  What are you button tricks?

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