Week 12, a moment of spring

View A from Butterick B6205 Size Medium

This dress I made and plan to save until our Jamaica trip in April.  It was very simple but I’m not in love with the fit, the fabric, or the cut of the dress.  That’s the interesting part of sewing your own clothes.  When you go to the store you try things on and figure out pretty quickly if something will fit, with sewing you can tweak a few of the lines but if it’s just not a good style on your body you’ve pretty much wasted the fabric and your time.

I feel like it’s baggy in the bust area and in retrospect feel like the fabric is kinda young and little girlish.  It’ll be fine for beach wear and lounging on vacation but this project I didn’t get much out of.  It didn’t teach me anything new, it was a very fast and easy project as the pattern advertised and nothing was challenging about it.  I also feel like the tie shoulders are a bit awkward.

It isn’t a total fail but I’d never make the pattern again and won’t wear the dress a ton.  I like it better with the jean jacket and I am enjoying seeing if it works better with other items that I already have.


What do you think?  Is it a keeper?

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