Vintage Obsession: Apron Addition

IMG_5981When we moved to Utah in July 2016 one of the first faces that greated me was my new next door neighbor.  She showed up with a smile and baked goods in hand to welcome us.  Over the course of the next few months baked goods worked their way over from her kitchen to my house because she LOVES baking.  A true foodie at heart she loves to create and share.  All of it has been amazing.

I do not bake.  The reason of course is because I have ZERO self control.  If there is cake or cookies laying around I can talk myself into how that sounds like a healthy breakfast because pairing it with coffee creates that great sweet and bitter pairing, yes I know this is nonsensical but it always works.  My former roommates can attest to hiding halloween candy because I seem to be at peace with downing twelve fun size Twix bars instead of dinner and also felt not having candy for Trick or Treaters was a result the kids would survive.  So I don’t bake.

My sweet neighbor went to Paris, France for vacation with her family and as the pictures popped up on my instagram feed of their adventures in Paris, and food experiences I felt like I was living vicariously through her.  They sampled some very fine foods and desserts.  A couple of days later I browsed the fabric store and this fabric basically screamed, she NEEDS me.  I grabbed the bolt and kinda giggled as I bought it.  It’s so bright but it made me think of her.  Since no baked goods will flow from my kitchen in return as thanks to her countless shares, this is my contribution.

So I whipped it up for her.  As I cut the pattern my four year old demanded a bite.  The vivid print was so realistic it seriously makes you hungry sewing it!



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