Week 38, Sew up the summer

So I started looking through the projects I have waiting for me and started with one.  I definitely want to wear it this summer.  I’m not sure how long statement sleeves will be a trend so it’s important to get those projects made while they are in fashion.

I took more in process pictures than I normally do because I wanted to share on Instagram with followers that aren’t into sewing how lengthy and time consuming the process can be.

Here’s what I shared on Instagram . . .


Today I’m starting #M7744 , I thought for this project I would walk through some of the steps involved with making your own clothes for those that don’t. I think most sewists can agree that people start asking you to make things not realizing how involved it is and time consuming. My dad built a car when my mom was pregnant with me. So recently I started toying with a similar idea, restoring a car or building a kit car. I told my husband who’s wired very differently than me and his response was epic, “That doesn’t seem very efficient.” 😂 And he’s right. Going out a buying a car is faster. That’s the same with clothing. You sew because there is something in the process of creating that is healing and restorative to certain personalities, not because it’s quick.
Step one:  After selecting pattern and fabric is pretreatment of your fabric. Ever had something shrink the first time you washed it? Annoying, isn’t it? Caring for the fabric in the way you care for the garment will illuminate that.
Step two: I spent a half hour ironing my fabric and another reading the instructions and making sure the pieces fit before cutting. I meticulously layed it all out before grabbing my scissors. Sometimes your layout doesn’t utilize the fabric and must be rearranged.
Between shopping for the fabric and prep I’ve already invested close to two hours of time.


Another time consuming activity is pattern adjusting. I’m adding an inch to the length in both the body of this dress and arms. Still haven’t cut the fabric!


Cut out is complete and it’s hard to say the duration due to interruptions but at least 45 minutes.


I care about the guts of my projects. They don’t always look pretty inside but I try to finish all seams which means this seam was equivalent to three seams. Another time consuming aspect of sewing, but worth it to me since I like quality construction.


Pinning hems is very time consuming. AND I always end up with a bandaid at some point.


The final step is hand sewing. And now it’s officially done. I wish I’d added pockets and will consider that in future projects!


Can you even handle that statement sleeve!?!?!?


I think 5-6 hours of my time is wrapped up in this dress.  Sewing is not faster or easier but I love having one of a kind pieces and I really enjoy the process. I’m in love with this make.  Such a fun, unique sleeve!  It’s time to plan a date night so I can wear this one out!



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