It’s a Flop Friday! It was a Minnie Flop

So I’ve decided Friday is the day where I show you my mess ups, mishaps and concepts that just didn’t pan out.

I LOVE vintage clothes, patterns and dresses.  My pinterest is FULL of my love for vintage.

So I thought, since I can sew and there are vintage patterns, this must be a recipe for success!  Think again.

Finding the patterns is no issue, but deciding what fabric to bless those patterns with is an entirely different thing.  Let’s just say the vision didn’t meet the result.

After much perusing on Pinterest I came to the very astute conclusion that polkadots are a trademark vintage fabric.  Perhaps, but someone else has trademarked them as well.  Can you guess who?



That’s right!  I have the the distinct privilege of now owning my own custom Minnie-Mouse dress.  I’m all set for Disney World or a halloween party but this one isn’t likely to venture out of the house for other destinations.

What can I say?  They won’t all be successes, and since I like sewing late at night with a glass of wine, some dear friends got some funny videos of me in my dress realizing my unexpected destination of Minnie-Mouse.  Sigh.

I did like the pattern, I will attempt it again because it is an easy pattern, a good fit and flattering.  It was fun to make . . .  until the reveal.  So perhaps the next attempt won’t land on Friday Flop.

Sadly, my other venture into vintage didn’t go quite as planned either.  And I’m guessing there will be more flops since I have no intention of giving up.  Next week, I’ll show you how this gem turned out.

See ya next Friday!


  1. Yay!! I’m sew glad you started this blog! I love LOVE your humor and can’t wait to see what other delightful outfits you create!! 😘

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