My first try at shorts, Week 22


I make and wear dresses often and for a good reason.  I like how they fit my bottom half. I’ve never loved wearing shorts.  Sometimes the trends in shorts are not only inappropriate for Victoria Secret models they can not be pulled off by women that have body fat percentages above 15%.  If somebody can see the bottoms of your butt checks out of the bottom of your shorts, they are too short!  My legs are not the part of my figure I’d like to flaunt.  So finding shorts that are fashionable, fit and comfy is like the holy grail of fashion.  This simplicity pattern was my first attempt at shorts and I like how they turned out.  I’m not over the moon about them but I’m satisfied.  Also, I totally messed up the waistline.  It’s supposed to have a tie across the front but I was parenting and watching episodes of criminal minds on my phone while I sewed and missed a step.  The insertion of the elastic into the back of the shorts was difficult and time consuming.  Once I realized my mistake I was finished with the waistband and decided I was going to like it as it turned out.

The elastic should start about two inches closer to the front on both sides in order to place the ties on the front.

The fabric is a grey linen from Joann Fabrics and I’m looking forward to trying shorts again soon.  I added an inch to the length which is becoming a standard practice for me.

This project is also one from my #make9 so I’m excited to get one crossed off!


See you next week!


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