Week 52, I did it!

I really can’t believe it.  I made it!

Here is my final project on my 52 week quest of one new thing a week.  My closet is full, but more importantly my mind is healthier and my spirit is so encouraged.

I don’t make Vogue patterns as often as some of the others.  This knit pants pattern was very intriguing to me.  I loved the uniqueness of it and the construction was particularly different too.  The pockets have several unfinished edges and the legs were pieced together to give it these unique front seams.  I added an inch in length and next time I’d add at least another inch and taper the ankles more.


They are beyond comfy and I’m going to make another pair.  I love that they are comfortable but also have a little more class and structure than leggings.  I’m always excited for clothes that appear dressed up but feel like pajamas, that’s a winning find.

Working with knits for me is always a bit of a challenge.  I wasn’t in love with all of my top stitching but I feel like it’s a skill that gets better with each garment I attempt.

Tomorrow I’m posting a blog post of all the makes in one place.  52 projects!  Check back tomorrow to see them all in one place!


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