Kentucky Derby Week 29

My MOPS group decided to do a Kentucky Derby themed tea party for the end of year meeting.  I happened to be making this dress and felt it was perfect for the occasion.  I also took a piece of pink scrap and whipped up a shrug to go […]

A summer romper, week 27

Finding one piece swimsuits and romper style outfits is problematic for me off the rack.  My torso is just that much too long.  I always need about another inch.  It was fun to make this pattern and make a custom outfit that it just the length I need. […]

Halfway Done!

Here are the projects so far! I started this challenge because I reached a point in life that I was so stressed and empty. Three cross country relocations, inheriting two children in a will, an unnecessary and costly custody battle to get them, and the natural growing of […]

Bohemian Top, Week 25

When I first saw this red fabric, I instantly fell in love.  I envisioned it as a bohemian style top.  This was the pattern that met that vision and thus the project was planned. This pattern has SOOOOO many pleats.  Nearly every piece of this piece has at […]

My Work Space

In the next few weeks our home will go up on the market, and we will move about 1200 miles from here.  My current sewing room offers a view I’ll likely never have again so I thought I’d post a few picture of this space before it’s gone. […]

Unmentionables! Week 23

Remember this dress? When I tried this dress on for the first time, it made me realize I really wanted some more volume on the bottom.  So this week’s project is not as glamorous as some of the others, but it was new to me and I thought […]