Week 50, Pajamas!

My husband is an air conditioning addict.  The summer months are just as frigid as the winter for me.  I huddle in bed under a down comforter in my sweat pants all night long.

I have long since felt as though my night clothes need a makeover.  I always feel like store bought pajamas are too short.  I found this pattern and this fabric and jumped at the opportunity to have some custom, cozy pajamas.  I added an inch to the leg length and an inch to the arm length.

The was my first attempt at piping and I was more excited to try it than I care to admit.

Here are a couple of in process photos . . .


I even went out and bought a special foot for my Bernina for installing piping.  I’m in love with these pajamas and will make more.  I love the pockets and the piping detail.


These were not a super fast project.  The cuffs are separate pieces with the piping detail.  This project contained many fussy details, the piping, buttons and collar.  The result is awesome.  They fit so well and since I prewashed the fabric I know they won’t shrink.  EVERY pair of store bought pajamas I have is too short, they always shrink!

After I sew up a bunch of fabric from my stash I will be making another pair of these!



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