Week 44, the cutest kid on the block

I’ve been pretty focused on sewing for myself.  I’ve little to no interest in sewing for others.  When I have sewed for someone else it’s because I’ve truly wanted to.  I’m very protective of this hobby of mine, I consider it a huge source of therapy and I won’t let obligation make it’s way into that room.  Even when the kids barge in and want to sew, they aren’t allowed to stay if they have anything other than a great attitude.  It’s become a sanctuary and I don’t allow it to be treated otherwise.  Perhaps it’s hypocritical but I don’t allow fussing over screw ups.  I remember throwing massive fits about screwing up sewing projects when I was their ages, but I won’t allow it in my room.  Now when I mess up I don’t get upset at all, every moment of the process is learning and I’m enjoying the failures as well.

This week I wanted to sew for my littlest.  He had picked out this fabric a couple of months ago and this week I really wanted him to have it done.  I LOVE how these shorts turned out and I was having a pretty bad day when I made them.  He insisted on wearing them right away and as he ran through the house wearing them they brought a smile to my face every time he passed me.  Slowly, they pulled me from my sad mood and I can’t wait to make him more.

Burda seems to be the only pattern company that has any selection in boys patterns.  If you know of a great source for patterns for boy clothes, please comment.  So this pattern is a Burda, it’s 9793.  I made view B but didn’t do the ties in the bottom.


They were very easy and sewed up fast.  I think he looks beyond adorable.


I truly didn’t plan it but the fabric lined up in the back which is pretty funny.  It has cute pockets and an elastic waist.

I’ve got three more planned for this cutie.



  1. He really is ADORABLE! Yes! I can see why he makes you smile, especially in those sweet shorts you made just for him! ❤

    Not sure if you do PDF patterns, but Peek-A-Boo, Flosstyle, and Blank Slate Patterns all have some boy patterns on their sites. I have downloaded and used patterns from all three sites. Easy, fun and multi sized. Worth a look. 🙂

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